Valley of Fire#7Have Too Much FUN ~ Welcome Hello My A W E S O M E Friend..Welcome to Have Too Much FUN !!! =) Have Too Much FUN is about day by day moment by moment living closer and closer with S P I R I T ~ GOD…Living in the L I G H T!!! =)

By doing so, we experience more and more omnipresent,

infinite ever new J O Y…




MahaLakshmi ~ Goddess of Abundance ~ More Photo’s!!! =) Lakshmi #19

In that J O Y we know eternal L I G H T…W I S D O M  and  L O V E…Brahma. In meditation we come to experience LIGHT…In being with this Light (which is Gods presence) we become aware of our oneness with God and realize all that He has is ours too. Witnessing Luminosity expressing itself as bounteous beauty, delight, harmony, abundant wealth, luxury, comfort, happiness, good health, well-being, material wealth, harmonious relationships with friends, family, and community and spiritual liberation ~ in short, prosperity of every kind…thus we find ourselves living a Lifestyle of Kindness…and experiencing Having Too Much FUN…=) …

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PISMO~Sound Healing~Yogi Zen Dude~8-20-12~#3


My name is Yogi Zen Dude, This is How I Have Too Much FUN…I am a Kriya Yogi (I practice a Raja Yoga technique called Kriya Yoga by Paramahansa Yogananda), along with this, these are the ways I Have Too Much FUN..

Sound Healing, Kirtan ~ Devotional ChantsRaw Vegan LifestyleYogi Zen Dude Fitness, sharing with others about Kins Domains and the Organic Lifestyle.

Longboard Skateboard~Refinishing~#21



L O V E Longboard Skateboarding and Tree Houses… Growing Moringa Trees and making Peace Signs with Nature… The more we learn about the Love of God/Spirit, (through deep consistent meditation) the deeper our Love for Him grows…and the more F U N we will have…=) Naturally being more and more kind to our selfs, others…our animal friend’s and our planet earth.






The food we eat plays a very big part in how much F U N we can have too… physically, mentally and spiritually… and can have a Huge positive impact on the planet we live on…=)

P E A C E…=)

only P E A C E is real…

when you know a Peaceful Joy…

you have found the Truth…


Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 2.20.41 PM



Yogi Zen Dude is moving to live and Have Too Much FUN in India and will be sharing his adventure from here, Yogi Living in India. Day~with~Chris~and~Tysha~3


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