Am Doing Potatoes Only for a Month or more a Vegan, Plant Based Lifestyle

Am Doing Potatoes Only for a Month or more a Vegan, Plant Based Lifestyle

Am Doing Potatoes Only for a Month or more a Vegan, Plant Based Lifestyle

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for Strength, Energy, Health and Quick Safe Weight Loss.

will…my middle has snuck up on me this last year here in India, and is showing my enjoyment of indian food, chapatis, paroka’s, masala dalsa and the spicy Indian catsup which i now know has lots of sugar and salt…

in India there is not the selection of food we have in the states, like greens and beans, quinoa…

have been fixing steamed veggies potato, carrots, cauliflower and onions, also wheat pasta with red cabbage carrots and onions, both with a LOT of this Indian catsup. there is a couple popular bottled mango drinks to have been drinking, and im sure there is a lot of sugar in them too…darn…=(

the steamer i have only heats to 100 degrees, so veggies are still raw, Love that…but i feel the tons of sugary catsup has gathered around this waistline…i know i lived in denial of gaining weight, because the food was so good and not feeling, knowing many options…and would not pull up my t-shirt to see….or look even when i took a shower…was to afraid to LOOK…noooo…=(

and just gained more weight…so frustrating and depressing…

ok…i am not the body…i am That which is beyond thought and the body…


so am going to Love this body and take care of it…and not focus on the unreal thoughts…they are not the truth about Me…the Self…that Love we each know in silence…that Bliss…this is our True Nature.

so will Lovingly be losing as much as i can before my move back to the states in 30 days…and start my van life.

then might have a short break to have some raw vegan food i have not had for almost two years while here in India. then will be back to it for another month. then to three to four days a week with potatoes, having FUN with as many kinds of potatoes as i can find…and raw and vegan on the other days…also lots of bananas and banana smoothies.

i want to be as fit as i can for hiking, biking, body surfing and longboard skateboarding…=)

being raw vegan i knew what to do, stop using the catsup, but did not know about potatoes only and how Wonderful they are Nutrition Wise, and how Simple and Fast one can lose weight with eating just potatoes…getting healthier and more energy…so am on my second day now and loving it…

am doing some exercise…i have a stair step am stepping up and down on, raising my arms above my heart and head. while i am watching Van Life videos i walk in place, knees up with opposite arm raised above heart level…and can easily go on and on like that watching one video after another…i just keep moving, instead of just sitting.

another vegan who is starch conscious mentioned the importance of eating only one starch a day, like potatoes one day for each meal, and like rice on another day for each meal…this could be done after your adventure of at least 30 days with potatoes. could add some greens too.

i learned of the potato diet from Andew at “Spud Fit” and he learned from Dr. McDougal, a Plant Based Diet Doctor.

you can sign up to take the Spud Fit Challenge for yourself here…for full support…Very inexpensive…=)

Andrew has an Awesome book too and is on Kindle.

oh yea…potatoes are NOT fattening, it is what we have put on them that is fattening.

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