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today is 3-27-17…i am living in a little beach town in south west India, called Varkala…staying at Varkala Bamboo Village Beach Resort. i felt that i would stay here the rest of my live…but as always, i remain open to the flow of the universe…

about a month ago, walking back to my room along the cliff here at Bamboo Village, i was standing along the cliff, watching the beach the sky and the people…and really just staring into nothingness…a hole in space…and it came to me to move to Portland, Oregon. this felt so right, so wonderful, would be surronded with like minded people, in this green, vegan, spiritual, hiking, biking community.

so i started searching craigslist for a studio or a room in someones home to rent. with so many people moving there from California, prices had gone up, and studios and rooms going fast. i knew that if i wanted one, one would be there for me.

looking like renting a room in someones home was less and were more of them available, many with some awesome people too. but…feeling the need for my own space…and a call for the open country.

thoughts of tiny homes wondered through my mind and from that found out about teardrop trailers, and a love for pulling it with a Honda Shadow 750 Bobber.

with talking with a few friends, i got clear on feeling as much as i would love to be exploring open highways along the beach, deserts and mountains, that it was going to be more time on the bike and in the weather than i would really enjoy…darn.

then…could pull the teardrop trailer with a toyota pickup…but…i just got a book called “The More of Less”…this brought in the idea of the van life…i am soooo excited to have found…this will allow me to LIVE wonderfully on less money…OH YEA!!! =) and my adventure begins…here in India…

first exploring what kind of van. was going to get a regular van, and explored putting a raised top on it…the watched a video by Rick of Dream Side Out, he spoke of getting clear on just what you want with your van and being able to stand up inside was one of his, and thats why he got a 10” box van…Way Koool…i Love the simplicity and style of how he did the inside, and i knew i wanted a 10ft box van too and do mine much like his…in my own way…=)

so…i have a month, leaving midnight on the 28th of April 2017, thenĀ i get on a big jet airliner for Las Vegas, Nevada, where my best friends Chris and Tysha live, and my brother and Dad are there too. will find and get a 10ft box van there and do the build…will share photos and videos of the build…and on going adventures…=)

my van life has begone…and will share it with you…and know i will be learning from each of you…and look forward to meeting you on our adventures…and get some photos and maybe some videos too…=)

Greg Lunger